WoodConcept Cabinetry Visualizer

Cabinet Visualizer

Our company developed cabinet visualizer for WoodConcept Cabinetry manufacturer's website. The idea was, on one hand, to give website visitors and ability to instantly see any door in a real kitchen, on the other hand - help dealers to better present the canbinets to the customers who come to showrooms, and finally, to generate leads from website visitors who play with visualizer.
Major Options

3 kitchens, 1 bath, 2 cabinet styles,
6 cabinet finishes

Minor Options
5 countertop, 5 backsplash, 5 flooring,
4 appliance, 5 wall paint colors

Project Details

The visualizer which we created is a web-based, mobile responsive program, being a part of the website, it can be launched at dektop, tablet or mobile phone. The tool was custom developed for WoodConcept Cabinetry company and features only its door styles. Also it features 3 kitchen and 1 bath layouts chosen by the client. All layouts as well as all the major and minor options which are in it, were pre-rendered by our company and uploaded to the tool.

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